Never buy mixed hardwoods
This is how unscrupulous dealers dump there less desirable woods
If you buy mixed hardwood and in the mix is poplar you should get the whole pile for poplar prices,
next to nothing. its a very poor choice for firewood

Some firewood
will start to check or crack on the ends after a few hours of being cut, white ash is one of theses woods, to check for seasoning you should split a piece open and test for moisture with a meter or.
After splitting one open take a quick smell and feel the wood if it has a strong smell and or feels moist its not properly seasoned.
Fresh cut not seasoned Seasoned 1-1/2 years

Note there is no cracking and the bark is securely attached. Wood is heavy and there is a thud when you knock 2 pieces together.

Note the cracking and all bark has fallen off from handling.
this is what your looking for in seasoned firewood

The crack through the core is everything you need to know about good seasoned wood

A nice tight wood stack

Loose wood stack

Its simple if you get a nice tight stack of wood you receive more wood, not more then you disserve or have paid for but a fair amount of wood for your money.
A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet or a tightly packed pile 4X4X8

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