Firewood Price List

Never buy mixed hardwoods

This is a 55 ft Ash tree that is 16" at the base, when cut and processed it yielded about 0.25 cubic feet of wood
A cord of wood contains 128 Cubic feet, it takes a little more then 5 trees of this size to make a full cord of wood.
This tree was selected for cutting because it was tall and gimpy, it had dead branches all the way up to the crown as well as a crack about a foot long on the main stem at the crown, by removing this tree we open the stand of trees up for more air flow and light to the other trees.
See this tree in action




Bundles Half Cord Full Cord Bundles Half Cord Full Cord
Ash   $            
Elm $          
Oak $          
Poplar Junk Firewood
should never be used as firewood
Poplar is a hardwood and when you here mixed hardwoods you can bet Poplar in be in the mix
Cotton Wood Another junk firewood
and should never be used as a firewood
is Cotton Wood its another hardwood but not good firewood for winter.
Never buy mixed species firewood.
Black Willow        
Fruit Wood            

Firewood Info
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