Wood Burning BTU Chart

Some of the most common trees Million BTU's Chart

Why you need to know wood species

Oak contains about 25 million BTU's
Cottonwood contains about 14 million BTU's
If a cord of wood cost $200.00 and you get Oak you get twice as much heat as if you were to buy  Cottonwood. this is like buying 500 gallons  propane but only getting the heat from 250 gallons therefore cottonwood should be half the price of Oak

Good Wood and very abundant

  Species btu

For good winter heat you will need a good winter wood.
Oak, Elm, Ash, Birch, Hedge, Try to avoid lighter woods, willow, aspen, cottonwood, poplar, & conifers.

yrs to live


Aspen Quaking 15 Worst of the worst avoid if possible see image lower left   1 plus years
Apple 23 Don't waist in the wood stove great for barbeques  
Ash White 25 A great firewood but don't be fooled it needs to season    
Ash Green 20 Another great firewood be sure to season  
Ash Black 19 Another great firewood be sure to season   
Ash Mountain      
Birch Paper 25 Look for conks or mushrooms (heart rot) Use um up    
European white
20 Bark is very smooth and white. Use um up they are not long lived in northern climate    1 plus years
Buckeye Ohio        
Box Elder 18 Not a bad wood when split you can usually see red streaks  
Cottonwood 14 cut early spring or fall  
Worst of the worst
Quaking Aspen

Elm American 19.5 Cut the standing dead and use same year if the bark peels off    
Elm Red 22 Lucky find when you can get this stuff    
Honey locust        
Kentucky Coffee 22   75+ 1 plus years

Maple, Silver        
Oak, Bur 25 If you find one of these trees and it's healthy let it be, your great great great great great children will enjoy its shade 400+ 1 plus years
Oak, Mongolian      
Osage Hedge 33 If you can find it let it age for a year   1plus years

Poplar, Hybrid
  Poplar, White        
  Russian-olive 23 I give this wood 2 years to season when first setting
out to season  you need to give it a lot of air or mold will start to develop.
Cut split and pile, stacking after a good summer in the sun.
Some say the wood has a stink when burned, I found after 2 years in the pile its a good burning wood with mild wood smoke smell.
I have used the wood for cooking it gives meat a nice mild smoke flavor.
Will be trying it in the smoker this winter.
Some small pops with small sparks. not many.
2 years
Walnut, Black        
  Willow, Black 14 Cut into rounds 16" to 18" let it set over winter and through to the next winter then split and use it up that year, Willow goes bad quick, not good for storing.   1 plus years
Willow, Golden        
  Willow, Laurel        
Willow, Redstem        
  Willow, White        

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